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Speaker’s Programme

Think in English. There’s more to presenting than just the words. Learn to really connect with others through pronunciation, body language, structure, improvisation and emotions. Become a confident storyteller in front of your colleagues, friends, clients or wedding guests.

Fuckup Management 

Become an inspiring leader in English. Don’t just react. Learn to act by discovering your vision, your reason WHY, your personality makeup based on the most scientifically robust test available, your ideal future and even the future you fear. Become an assertive negotiator, who can say “no” when necessary and support others.

Social Dynamics

Express love and other feelings in English. Men and women are not the same. Learn how to create lasting changes in your group by understanding the dynamics of hierarchies, benefits of diversity, negotiating properly and mitigating stress. Become a competent group cohesion facilitator at work, in your home and between strangers.


My Projects

Accent Artisan

Learn to think in English by training your muscle memory. This online course teaches you how to move your lips, tongue, and mouth to properly create the perfect sounds. It also helps you to clarify your goals. Follow the training to make English your second nature.

UK vs. USA Vocabulary

Knowing the right thing to say creates trust. It leads to understanding and cooperation. This vocabulary shows you which words are more natural for speakers of American English, and which are more suitable for British English.

Neposer se

Leading with confidence and communicating with certainty emerges from understanding your life’s vision. This Czech book explores areas of relationships, body, mind, communication, and truth. Find your vision, communicate it clearly and find the right people.

Who Am I and What I Do

I am an English Accents coach and communication skills trainer. I’m teaching others to better understand themselves, others, and foreign languages. I work with both individuals and companies. I provide individual English Accents lessons and consultations via Zoom. For organisations, I provide training concentrating on public speaking, leadership and social dynamics.

→ English accents coach
→ Communication skills trainer
→ Event host
→ Pitching & public speaking instructor
→ Teacher

How I work

I believe that the elimination of barriers in communication facilitates trust. That’s why I employ practical exercises focused on physical adaptation and increasing one’s capacity for courage. I concentrate on the quality of communication, stress management and building self-evaluation capabilities. I ask my clients to move, trust their ears, record themselves and I help them with goal setting.


→ 15 years of experience
→ 12 years of event hosting
→ Master’s Degree in International Communication from NCCU
→ Trinity College London TESOL
→ Cambridge University CAE
→ DALF Certificate in French
→ 政大 Mandarin Chinese Certificate
→ Vyškov Military Academy Special Training for Crisis Situations Course
→ MasterClass The Art of Negotiation

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