Earn your confidence in English. Sharpen your communication skills to increase the conversion of your sales leads, improve your team’s dynamics and perfect your pitch to impress investors. Earn their trust and increase your bottom line.

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Essentials Class

45 000 CZK 
8–10 people, 3 phase programme, 6 hours

Master Class

30 000 CZK 
8–10 people, 2 phase programme, 4 hours
Speaker’s Programme
Communicate clearly and grippingly
Why work on speaking
Learn the best techniques of world class speakers
Learn to emotionally connect with your audience
Pitch easily
Emphasize like an American/Brit
Contrast for better clarity
Fuckup Management 
Find your journey
Find your purpose
How can you understand yourself
How to get your ideal future
Define what you want
How to negotiate in tough situations
Learn to say NO
Social Dynamics
Understand diversity
Why we organise ourselves this way
Why are we different and how’s that beneficial
How are we stronger together 
Dealing with long-term changes
How we make decisions
How to communicate under pressure

For Companies

Think in English. There’s more to presenting than just the words. Learn to really connect with others through pronunciation, body language, structure, improvisation and emotions. Become a confident storyteller in front of your colleagues, friends, clients or wedding guests.


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